Business-to-business studies

The voice of the business is a key to successful strategic changes

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Organizational development and consultancy

Every organization could improve its' performance. We assist our clients in achieving their goals.

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Strategic planning, management and evaluation

We develop long-term strategies that meet the needs of the public and private sector.

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Monitoring and evaluation of information and communication plans and strategies

We help our clients to objectively assess their campaigns.

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Development and evaluation of marketing strategies

We create and assess marketing strategies, based on established methods and innovative approaches.

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Functional analysis

We support our clients on their way to achieving the most efficient organizational structure.

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Impact assessment

We provide impact assessments of legislative changes.

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Evaluation of public policies

The goal of public policies is to improve living and working conditions. We help our clients understand what they have achieved.

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Usage and attitude towards products and services

We analyze the performance of the client and his competitors in order to highlight the best opportunities for development.

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Customer satisfaction

High levels of customer satisfaction is a must for the future success of any organization.

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Implementation and evaluation of events and trainings

Knowledge needs to be shared. We support our clients in finding the right approach to each audience.

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Concept testing of products and services. Product tests.

Our clients are aware of how important is to seek their current and potential clients point of view.

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Mystery client

We offer easy to implement solutions to your personnel problems

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